Behaving Yourself – Behavioral Activation and the Limits of CBT in Treating Major Depression

n 1995 Dr. Neil Jacobson stumbled onto a surprising conclusion in the treatment of Major Depression – the limited and underused behavioral aspects of CBT alone have the same therapeutic results as the cognitive components. Following this study he, along with scores of other master therapists and researchers from the behavioral and cognitive branches, pitted full CBT against a new and more simplistic behavioral treatment. The findings will surprise you.

In this presentation by Rabbi Yonasan Bender LCSW you will learn:

  1. The fundamental differences between CBT and Behavioral Activation
  2. Why Behavioral Activation is a more effective treatment than CBT for Major Depression
  3. How to increase positive outcomes of a medication-only intervention
  4. The basic treatment philosophy, approach, treatment structure, and specific interventions of Behavioral Activation


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