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Tag: Compassion

The Freedom Found in Freewill

Idolatry at it’s basic level is the externalization of a person’s psychology. Feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that should remain inside the person and motivate growth

Death of Man’s Divinity

The fifth principle outlines that God alone is fitting to be worshiped and nothing else. This doesn’t just exclude the idea of idolatry but any

Wrapping Up Review

This is part two of the previous class. This course attempts to link together the past 13 lectures to provide a meta-view of the topics

Taking Stock

This course attempts to link together the past 13 lectures to provide a meta-view of the topics covered. What emerges seems to be the idea

Creation From Nothing

Today we know the universe had a starting point. What that means from the perspective of physics is a hot topic but one things for

The Hero’s Journey

The world you exist in seems to have two planes of existence. One is a world of facts. The other is a world of meaning.

The Argument from Experience

The first two proofs for God approach this topic as if trying to reason out how it makes sense for an all powerful being exists

The Watchmaker and First Cause

The first principle calls for us to know God exists in so doing we’re called upon to develop proofs for His existence. The funny thing

Is There One Truth?

In this final class we return to the question of truth asking the question, is something born out of limitation or is it a manifestation

How Truth is Made

The definition of truth is not clear cut in Judaism. Is there one “truth” to be grasped or is truth something more organic than that?

Surviving Spirituality with Law

Jewish parables, refereed to as medrashim, are speckled throughout the Talmud. They’re nuanced, esoteric, and captivating. They also contain within them the spirit of Judaism.

Discovering Yourself

Taking yourself seriously means realizing no one else who has ever lived can compare to you or what unique gifts you have to offer this

The Impossibility of Meaninglessness

It’s no secret there’s a trend in the Western world towards meaninglessness and nihilism. Talk to any college aged teen and you’ll see they’re hard

The Living Chain of Tradition

Separating the Jewish people and it’s cultural character from Jewish law isn’t easy. For thousands of years the culture has dedicated itself towards one primary

Climbing the Ladder of Tradition

Being larger than the Encyclopedia Britannica it’s an understatement to say the Talmud is complicated text. For the first few generations of it’s existence it

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