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Introduction To The Happiness Challenge: “Dare To Be Happy”

The number one thing most people want is to be more happy. For a lot of people this means feeling less miserable. What happiness is seems to be a mystery but we all recognize it when we have it. Fortunately, there is real science behind what makes us happy and how to achieve it.

This series will present the current research on happiness focusing on two ideas. First, the mistakes our minds make that keeps us unhappy. A fair amount of our thinking works great in serious survival situations. But, doesn’t really pan out well for modern living. Second, we’ll learn specific habits and skills that increase happiness. Here we’ll draw from top psychologists and therapists.

Each video covers a key psychological concept and a practical skill. The goal is to give you tools you can use to keep your happiness needle from plummeting. Hopefully, this series will open new possibilities and joy. The happiness challenge is this – can you dare to be happy?

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