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Self growth and healing need to happen in and out of the therapy room.  Check out this page for articles, videos, interviews, and courses on mental health topics, marriage, parenting, and self help.  

Whether you’re a client, a family member, or someone looking for a new angle to empower yourself, these resources can give you what you need for better living.

Does Long Distance Therapy Work?

In Freud’s day, we doubted if therapy worked. Today we’re asking if long distance therapy works. Is there reason to be suspicious?

Why Am I Feeling So Depressed?

Depression often has more to do with what’s going on around us than inside us. Learn how depression can be a social contagion.

Video: How To Achieve Your Parenting Goals

Knowing parenting strategies aren’t enough. If you don’t have clear goals of what you want to give to your children or what your aim is, no parenting strategy will ever be enough.