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Self growth and healing need to happen in and out of the therapy room.  Check out this page for articles, videos, interviews, and courses on mental health topics, marriage, parenting, and self help.  

Whether you’re a client, a family member, or someone looking for a new angle to empower yourself, these resources can give you what you need for better living.

General Articles

The Happiness Challenge: love your life

Is Happiness Genetic?

Happiness has a large genetic component. But, does that mean we’re doomed to whatever genes we’ve been handed or is happiness something we have the

Can You “Find” Happiness?

Happiness’ biggest myth is that it’s something to be found. In This episode of The Happiness Challenge we dive into the science behind why happiness

DBT Quick Tips: emotional regulation skills

profound parenting: connect with your child

CBT Made Easy: Clinician Trainings

Psychodynamic Insights: Clinician Trainings

How To Bring Feelings Into The Room

Becoming aware of feelings reduces anxiety and helps achieve the clarity to move forward. Learn how to bring more feeling into your therapy.

How To Read Emotions

Noticing feelings is the first key task of the psychodynamic process. Learn how to read your client’s emotional expressions.

General Clinical Trainings

The 13 Principles of Faith: Jewish Philosophy

The Freedom Found in Freewill

Idolatry at it’s basic level is the externalization of a person’s psychology. Feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that should remain inside the person and motivate growth

Death of Man’s Divinity

The fifth principle outlines that God alone is fitting to be worshiped and nothing else. This doesn’t just exclude the idea of idolatry but any

The Science of Halacha: ethics in action

Is There One Truth?

In this final class we return to the question of truth asking the question, is something born out of limitation or is it a manifestation

How Truth is Made

The definition of truth is not clear cut in Judaism. Is there one “truth” to be grasped or is truth something more organic than that?