psychodynamic insights

a video training series for clinicians on psychodynamic techniques

Revealing All The Parts Of You

Becoming Whole

The most important therapy assessment tool is your intuition of where to move next. No amount of questionnaires can replace your insight into what is going on for your client above and below the surface of his consciousness.

This series will help you, the clinician, develop the most powerful psychological tool for healing – the therapeutic relationship.  We will focus on how you can increase your intuition, sense of empathy, how to sense where your client is in the session to plan what your next move is, and develop a meta-view of the different psychological patterns that manifest.

How To Bring Feelings Into The Room

Becoming aware of feelings reduces anxiety and helps achieve the clarity to move forward. Learn how to bring more feeling into your therapy.

How To Read Emotions

Noticing feelings is the first key task of the psychodynamic process. Learn how to read your client’s emotional expressions.

Accessing and Responding to Feelings

One of the major contributors to a person’s suffering is not being able to recognize, accurately, the feelings they are having. One role of the

What To Expect In The Session

Every individual is unique and experiences his world and pain in different ways. Nevertheless, there is still far more that we can relate to and

The Three Steps Towards Suffering

In this episode we review the basic three step pattern clients fall into when they relate to painful feelings that lead to suffering and away

What Makes Psychodynamic Therapy Different

Several features make psychodynamic therapy unique from other forms of therapy, like CBT and Behavior Therapies. This video outlines some of the basic differences between