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Therapy is not one-size-fits-all. Therapy is effective when the therapist shows up ready to put his best self forward. This enables the client to feel safe and open enough to do the same. A therapeutic relationship built on respect is the first ingredient to a better life.

The second ingredient is proven and powerful solutions. Problems come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why therapy must be rooted in research and experience. 

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Self Esteem

Anger Management



Domestic Violence





Conflict Couples



Everyone has limits

break past your limits

Growth is recognizing limitations in order to move past them to become greater and more whole


Self Awareness

Recognize and own all your feelings without being owned by them.



Use your values and dreams as a compass to take your life where you want to.



Transform your feelings and articulate your values into powerful actions for better living.

From Feeling Better to Achieving Greatness

How problems hide meaning

A lot of therapy approaches focus on getting rid of pain.  That makes a lot of sense and often does the trick.  Any therapist worth his salt first outlines the mechanics of life getting in the way. Without doing that, it’s out of the question to slap on a person any diagnosis.  Is that depression or the natural result of being laid off?  Is that anxiety or is it how anyone would feel living in a high conflict marriage?

More often than not problems run deeper.  Self-soothing, emotion regulation, and marital negotiation are vital skills. But, they only solve half the problem.  What often hurts more isn’t the tightness in the chest or the fear of judgement.  It’s what these problems keep us from doing.

A life without suffering is important but is still only half a life.  The other half is getting in touch with what pain distracts us from.  How has pain taken you away from your meaningful job?  How does depression trick you into forgetting to snuggle in with your kids for a bedtime story?  Why do the shouting matches between you and your spouse take you away from date night?

Good therapy needs to target the symptoms of pain.  Yet, it also must enable a client to put problems aside while healing to get back into a rich and meaningful life.  We don’t live to not suffer.  We live to live.

Here for You Every Step Of The Way

Every problem has it’s solution.  Yonasan Bender can help you find that solution and put it into action