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as women, we walk through our day surrounded by agendas: the needs of our families, the demands of our employers, the preferences of our friends. coaching is where you get quiet, take a deep breath, and make space for yourself. what is it that you want, that you dream, that you are here to achieve? because the world needs your dreams, your particular way of thinking and seeing, your emotions, your footprint. i’m here to listen, support you, and provide tools to help you find your voice in your family, in your friendships, in your professional life, in your community. i am so excited to be there for you. 

because you matter.


Agnon hit it on the nose when he wrote, “Jerusalem is a port city on the shores of eternity.” Braha Bender, CLC, CNT, loves launching ships into to the unknown. She studied personal and business coaching at Bar Ilan University, narrative therapy at The Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute, and has been keeping a diary – poetry, short stories, journaling, painting, collage, you name it – since she was seven years old. (Yup. Seven.) After about a decade running her own business as a freelance writer, translator, and webmaster, Braha joined Mishpacha Magazine where she has served as Communications Editor since 2014. She has taught 1:1 and groups at several Jewish studies programs including Shearim College of Jewish Studies, Hebrew University’s Hillel Beit Midrash, and Bircas HaTorah Women’s Programming, starred in a couple of musicals, and is a little bit of a foodie. She coaches in Jerusalem and internationally.

"Braha gave me the confidence to do things differently for my business. With patience and professionalism, she helped me expand my whole approach. It was amazing."



You have a great business idea and want to make it happen. I want to make it happen, too. Together we will get behind your dream, sharpen the concept, hone your vision and strategy, map out the process, develop the tools and connections you need to move forward, and most of all, plug into the fierce spark of power burning inside of you. Your dream is waiting. Let’s go get it.

brand development

Build a solid foundation for your enterprise with branding choices that reflect your real bottom line – authenticity. We will hone in on the qualities that distinguish your brand from competitors and make you shine. Together we’ll choose the collateral – slogan, logo, style guide, and website structure – to launch or relaunch a purposeful, powerful brand.

life design coaching

Oh, baby, you have so much to look forward to. Facing changes? Life taking you for a ride? Let’s get you back into the driver’s seat so you can steer wherever you truly want to go. I will be here with the tools and space you need to explore, discover, and actualize your next step. Whether you are an empty nester, midlife, or just starting out, let’s make your choices joyful.

executive coaching

Working with other people can be exhilarating – and noisy. Are you in the picture as much as you need to be? I will warmly hold you accountable to clarify your ideas, take ownership for your strengths, leverage your passion, and develop the tools, strategies, and connections you need to move your career to the next level. Reclaim the professional you are meant to be.

workshops & groups

Imagine feeling heard, not just by one person, but by a group that understand you. Let’s create an atmosphere that allows women to ask the questions that are really on their minds, share their feelings honestly, and walk out with a new point of view. From Torah classes to creativity workshops, I facilitate one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor experiences tailored to connect women more authentically with themselves and with each other.

"Braha helped me figure out what was holding me back, and helped me move forward. I am very thankful."

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