the science of Jewish Morality

judaism’s practical framework for translating abstract values into messy, real life

how do you create meaning?

life's great challenge

All world religions and great philosophies grapple with the meaning of life. For Judaism, it’s struggle to understand meaning is unique. Instead of transcendence or contemplating hidden secrets, Judaism forges a different path. It argues the only path to understand truth is to act it out. By bringing into the world truth, with our bare hands, we fully know it. This series outlines Judaism’s unique perspective. It shows how truth is the dynamic moral act of creation.

Is There One Truth?

In this final class we return to the question of truth asking the question, is something born out of limitation or is it a manifestation

How Truth is Made

The definition of truth is not clear cut in Judaism. Is there one “truth” to be grasped or is truth something more organic than that?

Surviving Spirituality With Law

Video Description Jewish parables, refereed to as medrashim, are speckled throughout the Talmud. They’re nuanced, esoteric, and captivating. They also contain within them the spirit

Actualization Through Setting Limits

Actualizing your potential requires setting limits. It’s setting choices in what you will do but this is only accomplished by deciding what not to do.

Discovering Yourself

Taking yourself seriously means realizing no one else who has ever lived can compare to you or what unique gifts you have to offer this

The Living Chain of Tradition

Separating the Jewish people and it’s cultural character from Jewish law isn’t easy. For thousands of years the culture has dedicated itself towards one primary