the happiness challenge

a video series about how to feel a whole lot better

The challenge

Dare To be Happy

This series will walk you through all the cutting edge research on happiness. We will reveal the “lies” our minds tell us that keep us miserable, learn specific habits and skills that increase our happiness, and discover the secrets that top psychology researchers and clinicians have learned to live better lives. Each video will cover a key psychological concept and a practical skill that you can use to keep your happiness needle from plummeting back down to baseline opening new possibilities and joy you never thought possible. The happiness challenge is this – can you dare to be happy?

Is Happiness Genetic?

Happiness has a large genetic component. But, does that mean we’re doomed to whatever genes we’ve been handed or is happiness something we have the

Can You “Find” Happiness?

Happiness’ biggest myth is that it’s something to be found. In This episode of The Happiness Challenge we dive into the science behind why happiness