The 13 Principles of Faith

the fundamentals of jewish philosophy: a video series

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Belief is more than a powerful tool or a life skill. Cognitive and moral psychology show it’s the tether linking who we are to reality itself. It enables us to not only make sense of our lives but it’s what allows us to literally see the world.

This series explores the fundamental belief structure and wisdom of Judaism. Guiding this exploration, we’ll look at one of history’s greatest philosophers Maimonides.

The Freedom Found in Freewill

Idolatry at it’s basic level is the externalization of a person’s psychology. Feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that should remain inside the person and motivate growth

Death of Man’s Divinity

The fifth principle outlines that God alone is fitting to be worshiped and nothing else. This doesn’t just exclude the idea of idolatry but any

Wrapping Up Review

This is part two of the previous class. This course attempts to link together the past 13 lectures to provide a meta-view of the topics

Taking Stock

This course attempts to link together the past 13 lectures to provide a meta-view of the topics covered. What emerges seems to be the idea

Creation From Nothing

Today we know the universe had a starting point. What that means from the perspective of physics is a hot topic but one things for

Creation From Eternal Nothingness

The fourth principle puts forward God is eternal and that time is a created thing just like the rest of the world. Here we see

Willing Yourself to Do Differently

Self integration demands the development of the trait of willingness as opposed to willfully forcing the world to be the way you want it to

God’s Unity and Self Integration

The second principle asks us to believe God is “one” . This concept is too abstract to grasp intellectually. A better way to get a

The Hero’s Journey

The world you exist in seems to have two planes of existence. One is a world of facts. The other is a world of meaning.